Dr. Tamara Z. Maher, DO | A Family Practice Physician

Dr. Maher



Patients are advised to understand their insurance plan in detail e.g. co-payments, deductibles, benefits, possible out-or-pocket expenses, allowed procedures, etc.

Note : Patients are responsible for advising the doctor of any changes to patient's insurance plan as they occur, and at the time of patient's visit.

Payment Policies & Financial Responsibilities (Go To: Schedule Appointments: Checklist & Forms for New and Established Patients)

Dr. Maher accepts the following insurances : Most PPO insurances. Please call your insurance company prior to your visit to verify Dr. Maher is on your particular plan.
Alamitos IPA
Lakewood HealthCare IPA
St. Mary's IPA
Brookshire IPA

Changes in Patient Condition / Information

Please advise us immediately of any change in your medical condition since your last visit as well as changes in telephone numbers, home address, workplace and other information.